Lesley Harries-Jones, Artist & Instructor

Lesley Harries-Jones is a Canadian artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Toronto School of Art. Her work forms part of private collections in NYC and Canada. Lesley is represented by Stax Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario. More Information...


Joseph Beuys is one of many artists that has inspired my work. Beuys introduction of 'dance' is evident to me in all his work. Through the use of encaustic techniques I have found a way to make my paintings 'dance' - through a multiplicity of layerings of wax which render the static as a perceptual movement.

Commissioned Artwork

Commissioned artwork is art created specifically for you. There are many reasons to commission an artist to produce a work of art:

  • Finding the right piece to complement a special place
  • A gift or memorial
  • The desire to give shape and colour to a memory or an an abstract idea

Lesley Harries-Jones welcomes requests for commissioned artwork. More Information...