Reflections on Lesley Harries-Jones' Work

When you look at a painting by Lesley Harries-Jones, you are immediately intrigued, emotionally tugged, you want to enter its domain. At first, you may think that the dominant effect is the powerful use of colour. Ranging from strong and rich to soft and subtle, Harries-Jones' colours prod and poke at you, evoke a primary response, a life-giving passion. Then you start to see how the colours swirl and flow into spirals, eddies, labyrinths, crunched layers of the earth, texture you can feel. I'm sailing off on all this movement, you think. I'm caught in a mood, a mood of contrast, bright and dark, light and heavy, a prescient experience, a moment of life, a feeling of me and the earth. But then you go beyond - I'm understanding concept here, this painting is full of ideas, perspectives, inviting me to reflect. I want to keep looking, following its endless pathways. I'm ever so curious. This art is awakening the art I have in my own blood.
- Rosalind Gill author/poet